Friday, February 27, 2015

Special Edition- Thirza's Things Lingerie

Welcome to my special edition of Shannan's Finds. 

Many may know Nara's Nook for our writers, artist and poets. A creative bunch to be sure, but we also have an outstanding designer in lingerie within our colony. With the help of Nara Nook, Newbie Connie Titus and myself we took the evening and did this photo shoot -with my awesome new photo studio I got from Kitley Marketplace-taking photos has never been easier.

First up, Nara is wearing Lettice. Shoes are Five lace boots
by Nice Butterfly
Connie is in Elizabeth, ankle boots by Snik
I am wearing Beatrix and my shoes are also from Nice Butterfly

Next up Nara is elegant in Anastacia
Connie shows her wild side in Dallila
And Bastia proved to tempting for me to resist.

 You will find these and many more wonderful offerings at Thirza's Things Shop found at 

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