Friday, January 30, 2015

Flirty and oh, so feminine- the Alice club dress

Feeling ultra feminine? Well this little white lacy dress is perfect for you. Your avi will have a little extra spring in her step when wearing this beautiful creation.

Alice club dress 
Designer: Elisa Basile shop (228, 157, 24)
A.W. Boot Tan by Licu Rau 
Found at Sinus (228, 157, 24) @
A.W. Boot Tan by  Ada Wong
*This correction came for the very talented Thirza Ember who just gave me this very helpful information. Thank you Thirza*
Hair is Capellil Lunghi Scompilio Rossi by Abel.Dagostino
Location: Craft-Store , Craft-Store (137, 140, 22) @

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  1. Credit where credit is due. Boots and shoes marked 'AW' are made by long time OpenSim resident and footwear goddess Ada Wong, of Littlefield Grid. Most of Ada's creations are now exclusive to Littlefield residents, but older models can be found all over the metaverse.